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Price Type for Upsells - Percentage of Accommodation


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  • Tomaž Briški

    This doesn't work correctly. Instead of taking the per night price it takes total reservation price.


    Why is this wrong?
    Lets say we want to offer an early Check-in option at 25%.

    Normally if a room would be 100€ that would be 25€ right?

    Well if the guest books a room for 10 nights at 100€ per night that's 1000€ and the "Percentage of Accommodation" will take the 1000€ and calculate 25% from that, offering an early check-in for 250€, which is wrong. Better to just book a day early and it would be cheaper.



    Same goes for the room upgrade option.

    You want to upgrade from a 100€ room to a 110€ room, which means a 10€ or 10% increase in price per night.

    Well if a guest booked a room for 10 nights again, it will then calculate the percentage from the total reservation value and add that to PER NIGHT pricing. So instead of paying 100€ for the total upgrade for all 10 nights, it's going to want double the cost of the whole reservation at 100€ per night totaling at 1000€. Making a reservation that should cost 1100€ cost 2000€. Again, not ideal.



    Now I did test this out by adding to hotel bill and noticed the cost in the PMS was closer to what it should be, it seemed kinda right, so there might be an error where it says "X ammount more per night" Should be just "X ammount more" and then show the per night correctly. But it just shows the same for both.

    There was one more issue.
    As I said, the cost was closer to what it should be and kinda seemed right. I then received an email with a confirmation of the upgrade.


    Now my numbers are different than what I said in the example, but here goes:

    I booked a room for 2 nights at 53,28€ and the price to be calculated should be 18,64% of the 53,28€ = 9,93€ per night or 19,86€ for both nights.


    The system took the total price of the reservation at 106,56€ for two nights, took 18,64% from it and got 19,86€, but then suggested the price per night is going to be that much more, asking me to pay 39,73€.


    I then, knowing this was wrong, proceeded with the upgrade, adding the difference to my hotel bill.

    I then got an email stating:


    Your room upgrade has been confirmed, congratulations!

    Price per night: €18.64

    Total price: €19.86

    Added to hotel bill 
    As you can see the total price was correct in the end but the price per night is some completely different number now.
    This needs to be fixed asap. It is completely unattractive for guests to purchase and just confuses guests. 

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